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FBI bullshit and my inabiltie to find Gerita with a little Chris on the side
 If the government keeps cockblocking me in my search for Gerita I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE! Sure I can find plenty of USxUK
Germancest (I don't like the Germancest pairing) but I can't find any good gerita. Not even pg or pg13 and whenever I do find some the GOVERMENT takes the site down (snif) I can't find nothing. It's ironic because when I started reading doujinshi like last year (note that I wasn't as enthusiastic about  R18 at the time) I am not kidding you Gerita WAS EVERYWHERE! Especially the R18 which made me uncomfortable WHY DIDN'T I START READING DOUJINSHI SOONER! But there was also a lot of other less mature ones out there to but now I can't find most of them and there were some I wanted to read over again ( mainly R18) but I can't find them anywere and I don't know there names either. You now it's gonna get worst if we allow this to continue. If they really want to do something about the internet.
I saw Chris today (technically I saw him three times but thats because I kinda had to drive back home to get my money my mom thought I was murdered by a serial killer) he said he was tired because he came home from work fell asleep next morning his parents dragged him out of bed and sent him to church and then he went straight to Neimans. I felt so bad for him. Course hug him but I don't know if thats okey for me to hug him. He always looks like hes waiting for me to do something. It's like hes saying " come at me bro" I want to bro but I don't now if thats what your bodiy language means or I'm just nuts! If it happens again I will hug him just to see what happens. If I keep my word then I will fill you in on the details 

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If it's doujin you want then I'd recommend checking out the comms.

Of course, the main Hetalia comm -
There's like 433 under this tag, so weeding out just the GerIta ones could take quite awhile. o_o

Have you raided Hetalia_Doujin yet?
There isn't a whole lot, turns out...but there might be some there that you don't have.

There's also the directory -

And the GerIta comm. -
I'm not a member, so I'm not sure what all they have there.

In case you're interested in other pair centric comms, you can check here for a list of them -

Sorry for spamming with all these links, but I figure at least one of them should be helpful.

And regarding Chris, obviously, I don't know anything about the situation...but, the first thing that came to mind was "Why not just ask him?" It's impossible to know what someone is thinking or feeling if they don't tell you, and if he isn't telling, then it should be fine to ask, shouldn't it? Body language can't communicate everything.

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Moy Moe also has some -

As does Sugar Parade -

I'm pretty sure you have to be a member of all of these places in order to see their posts to download, though. ^^;

I hope that you're able to find all the ones that you wanted.

LOL looks like OKFan got to you before I did. And hey, once April rolls around, I'll look the other way while you raid my collection, I've got something like...500 Hetalia doujinshis on my computer.

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