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Like it! Love it! 18! 18! 18! 18 and I like it!
All I can really say about my birthday weekend was AMAING >w<! It's about time I should probobly come out of the closet *literally walks out of bedroom closet*, up until Friday night I was only 17. I guess its ok now though ever since I made thenaughtynun account I felt like I was living a lie (okey I was). So know I'm 18 yeahXD! Dammit florville you were holding out me! Vindication was so fucking brillient I loved every seconed of it(ehi I kind I finished in like two hits  this weekend) and now I want to read it again! I haven't had it this bad since I read the last two Harry Potter books! The refrencies were fuckin hilarious! On my birthday my friend Sam gave me a little figurine of Nuckles the enchidnia *squeels!* ( Oh she is such a sweetheart X3!) My brother got me a how to draw scifi book my mom and dad got me vol.1  of Hetalia Axis powers comic and a Light box ( which is going to do wonders for making clean drafts of my drawings).
This weekend I uploaded my new drawing to deviantart and I got my sleeves done on my fem Italy cosplay. Of course then I read florvilles fanfic and well did stuff around the house oh and I did drive the tractor on Saturday. Yeah I'm pretty stocked about life right now!
Ps Hold It! I forot to mention one more thing! Florville I got ch.1 of my fanfic typed out.
Pss If you want to check out some of my art it's ODDAnderson on deviantart

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Congrats on making it to adulthood!...Well...the first step there anyway, next step is 21...then 25. But, you're getting there!

I sent you a cup cake, in case you didn't see it. I'm not sure how those things work.

I don't feel like a virtual cup cake makes a very decent present though...if you have a short (short being 14 pages or less) R-18 doujin, or a comic strip, or picture that you'd like translated, feel free to send it my way and that will be my more official gift to you!

Hope all is well!

Holy Shit thanks! Hmmm... Now I just have to find one.
Ps Well at least I'm not the only one with these kinds of problems! Here cupcake! Here cupcake! *whistles* Here girl!

You could always try raiding Pixiv?

You haven't received it? If you check your user info page, it should be there. *checks* It seems to be there. XD It's vanilla because I didn't know if you liked vanilla or chocolate better.

I love bothX3!! Thanks I'll check out pixiv. :)

*finds cupcake* YEAH Cupcake >w

LOL I'm so happy for you, hun. Glad you enjoyed Vindication, and as always, I'm stunned that anybody reads that monster in one weekend XD Did the video download okay for you? I hope it did...seems like it's already been downloaded twice, I'm not sure if one of those was you ROFLMAO

I will add you to my Deviantart friends in just a moment!

the Florville

nks the video was um... really good >^

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