I Can't Think of One
So yeah a lot of things are changing for me it just feels like a dream and it's weird. I don't thinks all going to sink in for me, at least not for a while. I got a drivers license had a kidney stone, got hit by a car,got a parking space and turned 18. Now I've started the process of weening (I hope thats the right word) myself  off my medication. Now that I'm 18 I got to talk to my doctor about it without my brother and mom knowing. So far I'm already on step two and then after tommorow I woln't have to take intuniv. After that its zoloft and then my afternoon pills and then I'm off stuff. I'm so scared about the situation because I followed your moms advice florville but I think my moms suspicious. Ever since first grade whenever I forgot to take my pills my mom threatened to kick me out the minuet I turned 18. I'm also scared about how I'll  act when I'm off the pills because I've been on them since first grade. What if I get hyper and my friends get sick of me or I have a mental breakdown. Or worse what if I become boring*x*. I'm not going to backdown I've made up my mind, this has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time now and I'm going to follow through with it.
Ps-florville I know I should have asked you this but I drew a picture of Dib from Vindication and posted it on deviantart.
PSS- I called my dad for dinner 5 times and he didn't wake up so I shouted his name and he got pissed off and called me insensitive 5 times!

Like it! Love it! 18! 18! 18! 18 and I like it!
All I can really say about my birthday weekend was AMAING >w<! It's about time I should probobly come out of the closet *literally walks out of bedroom closet*, up until Friday night I was only 17. I guess its ok now though ever since I made thenaughtynun account I felt like I was living a lie (okey I was). So know I'm 18 yeahXD! Dammit florville you were holding out me! Vindication was so fucking brillient I loved every seconed of it(ehi I kind I finished in like two hits  this weekend) and now I want to read it again! I haven't had it this bad since I read the last two Harry Potter books! The refrencies were fuckin hilarious! On my birthday my friend Sam gave me a little figurine of Nuckles the enchidnia *squeels!* ( Oh she is such a sweetheart X3!) My brother got me a how to draw scifi book my mom and dad got me vol.1  of Hetalia Axis powers comic and a Light box ( which is going to do wonders for making clean drafts of my drawings).
This weekend I uploaded my new drawing to deviantart and I got my sleeves done on my fem Italy cosplay. Of course then I read florvilles fanfic and well did stuff around the house oh and I did drive the tractor on Saturday. Yeah I'm pretty stocked about life right now!
Ps Hold It! I forot to mention one more thing! Florville I got ch.1 of my fanfic typed out.
Pss If you want to check out some of my art it's ODDAnderson on deviantart

Its Been a while
I just got ran over by a crazy grandma in a mustang,
Walking back to my car from the school!
You can say theres no such thing as crazy grandmas,
But the kids that go to my school they believe.

I got hit walking across a 4-way stop on my way towards my car parked at Neimans after school last Wendsday.  My car was parked at Neimans grocery store because I was tired of dragging my brother out of bed in the morning ariving at the school late then having either take the bus home or wait for my brother to pick me up(he keeps making a mess of my escort lx and it's gross and annoying). Since mom and dad were down South picking up her new car David had the HHR and my little Soyokaze(escort) was officially MINE for the taking just one problem, my parents were away. To get a parking space students need a parents signature so I wasn't allowed to park in the schools parking lot. No worries I can just park close to the school and walk there. When school got I put on my ear phones and turned on my ipod just making mental preperations for what I was going to do in the time that I got home to the time where I had to leave and go to the dress rehearsal for the collage concert on Thursday (the one did decide to do before I left was take a shower and wash my hair after 6th hour swim class. Well I crossed the first street of the 4-way stop and I started walking across the 2nd street that would take me down to neimans. I walked half way across the street and stopped so that a car that turned out from the previous street I crossed didn't hit me (I think I was in the drivers blind spot). The car passes and I start walking again. Well as it turns out there was an old lady driving a fairly new mustang that followed the first car as it turned without stopping ( this is what we suspect happened). I saw the first car coming but I definitley did not seethe Mustang so the next thing I know I get this strange feeling of being scopped up by my feet . Secods later the thought occurs to me:' Holy shit I've been hit by a car and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would... OH Crap the the car hasn't stopped yet and I'm sitting on the hood and- SCREECH! The car stops and I summersaulted off the hood (at least thats what the nurse whitness said but it felt more like a roll). I landed on my right thigh (I honestly that for once carrying a heavy back pack saved) this relief washed over me and it was like holy  shit I just got hit by a mustang and I'm still alive and it still didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would (still not as painful as the kidney that got remaved around Christmas thats for sure)! So no broken bones or cuncussions just really bad road rash on my leg and a bruise on my thigh. I stayed home from school Thursday and Friday.

Chris and I hung out on Saturday turns out hes actually been reading manga 8O( WAIT! HOW DID I NOT HAVE A HAND IN THIS!). He used to watch anime but I never thought he would read manga he only reads book with information!  I actually got him to whatch the first couple episodes of Hetalia (he even laughed a couple of times).  We talked and laughed most of the night. Dammit I still wish he wasn't dating that other girl but sadly compaired to her I'm no match with him she likes 80s music and shes smart and she nows a lot about cars dosen't have ADD issues like I do. Shes pretty much evrything apealing about me and more (personaltie wise). OH and to top it all of SHES GREEK! Scottish isn't all that attractive compred to Greek.
Ps I think my sping breaks next week finally!

New Youtube amv (finally)
Went to bed at 9:00 last night got up at 6:30 this morning (even on my days off I can't sleep in it'slike there's a German in my head. Go Away GERMAN! I'm British there are plenty of Germans in Michigan I'm like one of the minority here!). Got my new amv uploaded  Anime: Hetalia the song is One week by Barenaked ladies
http://youtu.be/MRD0OTohWEw the link
I really dislike windows live moviemaker itkeeps saying my my hetalia files are corrupt for now reason everytime added a new clip I had to save otherwise when the files woln't show up I have to exit it out without saving and then I'll just lose all the progress. Sadely my amvs aren't as good.
Right now I'm trying to figure out how my old singer sewing machine works so I can work on my fem Italy outfit. Lets just say it's old.
Ps I like posting on live journal it's fun. I get more comments on livejournal from two people then from over a hundred people on facebook!

Writer's Block: Shaken, Not Stirred
Who is the best James Bond?
I think as scottish person I am required to say Sean Connery

Baby sitting Hetalia goodies and Hot topic underwear?
  Babysitting Anthony (lives down the street parents are hanging out with my parents). Seriously once they get drunk they will never leave and I have to teach Sunday School (scary right me being a Sunday school teachers aid, corrupting their little brains!Jk I like them they're so fucking cute >w<!) .
  Today I went shopping today with my Aunt and my mom but I was looking for something in particular that I have been waiting to buy all week. Dudes I got a Hetalia passport with England on the front (sadly there is no emoticon I can use to describe my fangirly joy!). I would have gotten the passport last week but I ran out of money buying my Hetalia TSHIRT FROM HOT TOPIC!! So awesome I was so happy I think I dodged a bullet though. I wore it to school and I totally forgot England on my shirt was holding a gun and the whole day I whore it up until 5th hour when my friend who likes Hetalia ( I just found out) pointed it out to me. At first I freaked out but then I thought about how the whole day no one noticed and then I laughed I was never caught.
  So after I bought my shirt I decided to go to hot topic and look around I don't know why I just saw underwearand I decided to buy it just on impulse afterwords I freaked out because it like hit me " Holy Shit I just bought sexy underwear!"  Never done that before so for me it was so out of character for me. I just liked speed walked out of hot topic having a panick attack I kinda felt guilty. I'm okey know though and they're really cute.
So sleepy when will they get home and how long will it be till I can go to bed don't worry I'll pull through ( I think).
Ps I will totally take a picture of my shirt and passport. Maybe my underwear (he he if you beg!) Jk! (or am I?)

FBI bullshit and my inabiltie to find Gerita with a little Chris on the side
 If the government keeps cockblocking me in my search for Gerita I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE! Sure I can find plenty of USxUK
Germancest (I don't like the Germancest pairing) but I can't find any good gerita. Not even pg or pg13 and whenever I do find some the GOVERMENT takes the site down (snif) I can't find nothing. It's ironic because when I started reading doujinshi like last year (note that I wasn't as enthusiastic about  R18 at the time) I am not kidding you Gerita WAS EVERYWHERE! Especially the R18 which made me uncomfortable WHY DIDN'T I START READING DOUJINSHI SOONER! But there was also a lot of other less mature ones out there to but now I can't find most of them and there were some I wanted to read over again ( mainly R18) but I can't find them anywere and I don't know there names either. You now it's gonna get worst if we allow this to continue. If they really want to do something about the internet.
I saw Chris today (technically I saw him three times but thats because I kinda had to drive back home to get my money my mom thought I was murdered by a serial killer) he said he was tired because he came home from work fell asleep next morning his parents dragged him out of bed and sent him to church and then he went straight to Neimans. I felt so bad for him. Course hug him but I don't know if thats okey for me to hug him. He always looks like hes waiting for me to do something. It's like hes saying " come at me bro" I want to bro but I don't now if thats what your bodiy language means or I'm just nuts! If it happens again I will hug him just to see what happens. If I keep my word then I will fill you in on the details 

I'm back
So I was in Florida over mid winter break to visit my Aunt Lynn who was staying there. I went to the Salvidor Dali museum on Saturday which I really liked it was all pretty good... ehi well not exactly. The problem started when I went to sit in my seat on th plane it hit me like a brick. I'm about to sit down in my seat on the plane headed to Florida... alone...I CAN'T DO THIS!!!When did this plane get so small? Is it hot in here? Why am I breathing so hard? When did my head get so heavy? The flight attendant took me to the back  gave me an ice pack and she asked me if I wanted to leave the plane. Then I relized that if I left the plane then I would have wasted my parents time and money and that would make my mom angry. I should risk a plane ride then make my mom angry. I cried before I  went through security because I didn't want it to happen again( I even started dry heaving). I had to take a tram before I made it to security. Aunt Lynn told me I should find my happy place so I visualized myself being an elementary school kid again when I was on the bus home from school and well ... Chris was holding my hand (so I didn't pick my nails) his hands were warm and callused. In my delirious state I started talking to him like he was there " Hi Chris how are you?" " I love you " " I miss you Chris." (note that I was delirious) I don't now how to explain it, it wasn't like I found my happy place but the fear and loneliness were gone when the tram doors opened.
Don't laugh but whenever I communicate with Chris these days I don't know it's like we connect on another level mentally. I know thats stupid but it's like I know if hes sad or happy or when hes gonna tell a dirty joke. So maybe somehow on the train it was like he... kinda came to comfort me somehow. WERE JUST FRIENDS!! at least I think so.
Anyway once again I became a bother to someone even though I didn't want to. I'm so mad at myself I was an annoyance to my Aunt Lynn and her friends I AM SUCH A COWARD!!
PS sorry if I sound like a winey stupid naive girl

(no subject)
I sometimes feel like my imagination takes on a life of its own. Sometimes I feel like If  I glare at someone or feel angrer towards  them for acertain period of time somehow bad things will start to happen. I also feel like there are beings out there we have yet to discover Ghosts, Bigfoot, Chupacubra, Jersey Devil, Lochness monster, werwolves, the fae ( FUCK OFF I'M NOT CRAZY!)

Maybe I feel this way 'cause I've been hanging out with my mothers family so much I've become acostume to seeing things differently. They're all fascinated with the supernatural, always have been. My mom and dad and my dads side of the family not so much. Sometimes I feel as if my parents make fun of me for it but I'm okey. I'd rather see things this way then from a logical close minded perspective.
Anyway yesterday I celebrated Valentines Day ( or in my case Singles Awareness Day) I don't mind though and it's not because I'm asexual don't worry. I got a card and 5 dollars from my mom. Then my Aunt Carol , David, dad, mom, and my cousin florville14 (that's not her real name though just her online name XD). They were in honor of the Wiz. Yeah aparently I did a good job with dancing. My cousin said I have very proportionate body ( I think that's what she said). That made me feel better because in the dressing room I felt kinda awkward  because I didn't have the greatest bust or butt or feet eyes ( apparently Sam won that one Liz said her apua, steely, blue, were the prettiest eyes shes ever seen but blond hair and blue eyes are always the most popular because aparently they give off a feminine touch) and when she told me that I remember seeing how most of them had either to much in the font or to much in the back (Sams cute but she has wide hips and kinda stiff with her hips when she dances and nothing in the front) and the rest didn't have anything and looked like toothpicks. I love seeing my cousin shes helped me with a lot of things. Because of her and my aunt I know what I want to do with my life.

Chiron Beta Prime

My calzones of shame(with emphasis!),
Dragonflies of certainty,
Iron some sweet grass.

Tonight I am at the pac my own personal chiron beta prime
( It makes sense because my last name is Anderson).
The robot Santa Clause that watches us with glowing red eyes goes by the name of Eb. Today in are musical The Wiz during the Kalidah battle I knocked a girls glasses off her face. Later on the same chick accidentally backhanded me on the bridge of my nose while I was walking by. She apologized and all I could do was laugh. So I can only come to this conclusion... Acting Is Dangerous!!
PS This was from last night I just finished it though
PSS Does any one know were I can find a downloadable zip file of Kotetsuros Gerita WW2 After series volume 4! (... Not that anyone's reading this...)


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