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I sometimes feel like my imagination takes on a life of its own. Sometimes I feel like If  I glare at someone or feel angrer towards  them for acertain period of time somehow bad things will start to happen. I also feel like there are beings out there we have yet to discover Ghosts, Bigfoot, Chupacubra, Jersey Devil, Lochness monster, werwolves, the fae ( FUCK OFF I'M NOT CRAZY!)

Maybe I feel this way 'cause I've been hanging out with my mothers family so much I've become acostume to seeing things differently. They're all fascinated with the supernatural, always have been. My mom and dad and my dads side of the family not so much. Sometimes I feel as if my parents make fun of me for it but I'm okey. I'd rather see things this way then from a logical close minded perspective.
Anyway yesterday I celebrated Valentines Day ( or in my case Singles Awareness Day) I don't mind though and it's not because I'm asexual don't worry. I got a card and 5 dollars from my mom. Then my Aunt Carol , David, dad, mom, and my cousin florville14 (that's not her real name though just her online name XD). They were in honor of the Wiz. Yeah aparently I did a good job with dancing. My cousin said I have very proportionate body ( I think that's what she said). That made me feel better because in the dressing room I felt kinda awkward  because I didn't have the greatest bust or butt or feet eyes ( apparently Sam won that one Liz said her apua, steely, blue, were the prettiest eyes shes ever seen but blond hair and blue eyes are always the most popular because aparently they give off a feminine touch) and when she told me that I remember seeing how most of them had either to much in the font or to much in the back (Sams cute but she has wide hips and kinda stiff with her hips when she dances and nothing in the front) and the rest didn't have anything and looked like toothpicks. I love seeing my cousin shes helped me with a lot of things. Because of her and my aunt I know what I want to do with my life.

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I feel like I'm spamming you with how long this is, but I felt compelled to comment the second I saw the word "Ghosts".

"Sometimes I feel like If I glare at someone or feel angrer towards them for acertain period of time somehow bad things will start to happen."

I have some stories about this sort of thing...I'm sure they're just coincidences, but it's still interesting to think about.
- When I was like 9, my friend's dog bit me. We moved shortly after and I later discovered that almost exactly a year after being bit the dog died of a degenerative spine disease. D:
- In elementary school, a friend of mine was beat up. Her mom cursed the boy that beat her up. He died over that summer from brain cancer or something like that. o_o

Also, anyone who doesn't think that the paranormal are real are the crazy ones...sure, I guess I can get not believing in 'Bigfoot' or 'Lochness' or other 'monsters'...but 'Ghosts'? I don't get how anyone wouldn't be able to believe in ghosts. I might be biased because I know so many people who have claimed to see them, but it makes less sense to me to not believe people who I find trustworthy just because others might not.

It's cool that your mom gives your cash for Valentine's day.
I usually just get a chocolate bar or something (not complaining, though. Love chocolate).

I didn't know anybody was reading this

Wow that whole thing you said about dog dieing after biting you, stuff like that happens to me to! I thought I was the only one so I'm kinda relieved. Me and my friend had this really bad fight and he hurt me so bad and this fight was bad it was like over a one year period. I just became mad because he was popular at his new school and it felt like he abandoned me. While his life got better mine just got worst. I wished he could feel my pain and well it kinda did. Every time he went out with a girl the relationship always ended badly(its ironic because we used to have kinda of a thing going on between us before the fight). Then one of his dogs died and he loved that dog then a while later his other dog died to. We made up but I still wonder about what happened to him and if I had something to do with it. During drivers training this kid use to always make fun of y driving and it made me so mad. He passed his drivers test the first time and that same week he wraped the car around a tree. Everyone now sees him as a bad driver. Although I failed my drivers test twice I'm actually an okey driver. Anyway because of all this I tend to try and steer clear of any weegy boards and stuff like that.

To be honest I wasn't expecting anyone to actually read my journal entries so I was happy to find out you commented!
PS I'm a chocolate lover all the way

Re: I didn't know anybody was reading this

Wow, that sounds intense. o_o I hope he's doing alright.

And failing twice is nothing! That's normal, I failed twice too. :D The city I live in isn't very busy, so when at a stop sign, it's normal to look both ways as you're approaching it and just slow down instead of coming to a full stop...making myself stop completely during the test was way harder than I thought it would be...

Funny car discriminates. I've been in two accidents.
- The first with a homosexual (my friend's brother's boyfriend, I later found out)...Whenever I talk about this accident, I make the joke, "I rear ended a gay guy and his hubcap popped off"
- The second was with a cripple. When he stepped out of the car and was walking oddly, I was freaking out like, "That's not my fault, right?"...Whenever I talk about this accident, I make the joke, "I banged a cripple and he couldn't walk straight"

I don't know why my car only targets minorities...I'm worried that the next car I crash into will belong to a terminally ill homosexual black female little person with one arm...>_> I hope not...I'd rather not crash at all.

If I have the time, I read all the entries that people on my friend's list post. :) I don't usually end up commenting unless it's something that particularly moves or interests me, though.

PS: I have a friend that's allergic to chocolate...bless her poor soul.

Re: I didn't know anybody was reading this

Lmao wow I didn't now they made cars like that. My brothers old car hated me for some reason it whenever the car swerved it was on my side of the car maybe I looked at it wrong the car we share now I think likes me more.
Ps Yeah I have a friend who's allergic to chocolate(and a lot of other things). She says its okey because she never tried it but I still feel bad. T_T

Re: I didn't know anybody was reading this

Did you ever bad mouth it? Cars have amazing hearing, you know!

PS: You know who else I feel bad for? People who are allergic to peanuts. How can anyone live without peanut butter? D: My cousin hates peanut butter though...personally, I think she's a bit looney...but then again, I'll put peanut butter on almost anything, so I'm probably biased.

ROFLMAO amen to that, seriously too much in the front or in the back with all those other girls, that's exactly what I was saying! It was either jiggle jiggle up top or wobble wobble down low, or pointy toothpick women that if they turn the wrong way you think their arms will slice you in two XD You really do have perfect proportions, it's especially evident watching you on the stage. I'm glad you got your flowers! I had that song Ease on Down the Road stuck in my head the other day XD

And yes yes, Happy Singles Awareness Day, lulz. I drew a Hetalia mochi Valentine for my friend in Vancouver, did you see? that's it there XD

Anyway, I just did ten hours of homework and I'm bushed, I'm going to go and pass out now. I kinda wish you were here, talking to you as I'm drifting into meds-induced sleep is really fun XD


When you say meds-induced...

Lol I don't even know why I thought of this but when I read the last couple of lines this random thought came into my head. I just expected you to write this: " Psst Rachel! Theres a rainbow in my room and England is on TOP!" Seriously thats what I thought of... hm maybe I should take my afternoon pills =now. PS Rubbish MY ASS! You know you liked it. XD
Love ADD charged cousin!

Re: When you say meds-induced...

ROFL yeah, Mochi England knows he likes it, he just doesn't like to let on ^^

And LOL no...although England riding a unicorn pooping rainbows to the nyan cat song would be a trip XDDDD

Re: When you say meds-induced...

One of my Big Bang Whovian friends (who always has these awesome t-shirts) has one that says " I know where rainbows come from." and theres a picture of a unicorn with a rainbow coming out of it's ass. Mostly she has superhero t-shirts thoiugh, I like her shes fun!

Re: When you say meds-induced...

OMG I want a T-shirt with a unicorn pooping rainbows...that would be so much win...

Re: When you say meds-induced...

PS Mom says hi and she loves you ^^

Re: When you say meds-induced...

LOE YOU TO AUNTY CAROLE! (did she hear me?)

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