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New Youtube amv (finally)
Went to bed at 9:00 last night got up at 6:30 this morning (even on my days off I can't sleep in it'slike there's a German in my head. Go Away GERMAN! I'm British there are plenty of Germans in Michigan I'm like one of the minority here!). Got my new amv uploaded  Anime: Hetalia the song is One week by Barenaked ladies the link
I really dislike windows live moviemaker itkeeps saying my my hetalia files are corrupt for now reason everytime added a new clip I had to save otherwise when the files woln't show up I have to exit it out without saving and then I'll just lose all the progress. Sadely my amvs aren't as good.
Right now I'm trying to figure out how my old singer sewing machine works so I can work on my fem Italy outfit. Lets just say it's old.
Ps I like posting on live journal it's fun. I get more comments on livejournal from two people then from over a hundred people on facebook!

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I think it's impressive that you can make AMVs and make your own cosplays. I don't have the patience/skill to do either. ^^;

PFF facebook is overrated, LOL. And nobody shares doujinshis on facebook ;) I'll have to watch this tomorrow, I'm about to pass out on the keyboard from a combination of my pain meds and gummy bears that were soaked in moonshine XD My Hungarian friend is so weird, LOL.

If you start making cosplays, I hope you realise I am going to try and pay you to make something for me.

As for Windows Movie Maker, I've discovered that it will bitch constantly unless every file/clip you use for it is a wmv. it will not accept any other format (well, it'll accept them, but it won't save.) It's worth using freemake to just convert all your clips and video files to wmv, make the amv with them, and delete them afterward. wmvs take up more memory, but Movie Makers is too damn picky to work with anything else.

I wanted to make an AMV on reading week, but everybody was putting so much demands on my time...ah well. S'all good! Maybe when I get back from Scotland...maybe...

Love you

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