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Its Been a while
I just got ran over by a crazy grandma in a mustang,
Walking back to my car from the school!
You can say theres no such thing as crazy grandmas,
But the kids that go to my school they believe.

I got hit walking across a 4-way stop on my way towards my car parked at Neimans after school last Wendsday.  My car was parked at Neimans grocery store because I was tired of dragging my brother out of bed in the morning ariving at the school late then having either take the bus home or wait for my brother to pick me up(he keeps making a mess of my escort lx and it's gross and annoying). Since mom and dad were down South picking up her new car David had the HHR and my little Soyokaze(escort) was officially MINE for the taking just one problem, my parents were away. To get a parking space students need a parents signature so I wasn't allowed to park in the schools parking lot. No worries I can just park close to the school and walk there. When school got I put on my ear phones and turned on my ipod just making mental preperations for what I was going to do in the time that I got home to the time where I had to leave and go to the dress rehearsal for the collage concert on Thursday (the one did decide to do before I left was take a shower and wash my hair after 6th hour swim class. Well I crossed the first street of the 4-way stop and I started walking across the 2nd street that would take me down to neimans. I walked half way across the street and stopped so that a car that turned out from the previous street I crossed didn't hit me (I think I was in the drivers blind spot). The car passes and I start walking again. Well as it turns out there was an old lady driving a fairly new mustang that followed the first car as it turned without stopping ( this is what we suspect happened). I saw the first car coming but I definitley did not seethe Mustang so the next thing I know I get this strange feeling of being scopped up by my feet . Secods later the thought occurs to me:' Holy shit I've been hit by a car and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would... OH Crap the the car hasn't stopped yet and I'm sitting on the hood and- SCREECH! The car stops and I summersaulted off the hood (at least thats what the nurse whitness said but it felt more like a roll). I landed on my right thigh (I honestly that for once carrying a heavy back pack saved) this relief washed over me and it was like holy  shit I just got hit by a mustang and I'm still alive and it still didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would (still not as painful as the kidney that got remaved around Christmas thats for sure)! So no broken bones or cuncussions just really bad road rash on my leg and a bruise on my thigh. I stayed home from school Thursday and Friday.

Chris and I hung out on Saturday turns out hes actually been reading manga 8O( WAIT! HOW DID I NOT HAVE A HAND IN THIS!). He used to watch anime but I never thought he would read manga he only reads book with information!  I actually got him to whatch the first couple episodes of Hetalia (he even laughed a couple of times).  We talked and laughed most of the night. Dammit I still wish he wasn't dating that other girl but sadly compaired to her I'm no match with him she likes 80s music and shes smart and she nows a lot about cars dosen't have ADD issues like I do. Shes pretty much evrything apealing about me and more (personaltie wise). OH and to top it all of SHES GREEK! Scottish isn't all that attractive compred to Greek.
Ps I think my sping breaks next week finally!

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Wow...I've never been hit by a car, but I can imagine that it probably sucks a lot.
Did the woman who hit you get a fine or anything?

There's really no use in comparing yourself to someone else. You're just as amazing and wonderful as she is. No one person is above another, after all. Besides, things like 'what's more appealing' is all opinion based anyway.
PS: The Scottish are totally attractive compared to the Greek.

Its pretty intresting you would think that I would scared out of my mind screaming my head but it was like confusion leading into relization then when you hit the ground and take in the pain all you feel is relief because at the moment your alive and thats all you care about.
Thank you I'll keep that in mind. BTW (sorry the curiosity is killing me) What is your cultural background.
ps You don't have to tell me

I'm a born and raised Michigander.

Unless we're talking like historical heritage...then it's everywhere...French/German/Italian/Slovakian/Dutch/Irish/Cherokee/probably-some-English-somewhere-in-there-but-I-don't-really-know...there's any number of possible European blood hiding in me...I know for a fact that I have zero Asian or Black ancestors...but everything else seems pretty free game. XD

I enjoy learning about other cultures though. :3

Ohh thats a lot of ohh countries make the room stop spinning.

Yep, my family certainly does know how to get around.

Lol thats kind of an understatement BTW I was born in Tennesse and then moved to North Carolina but I've live in Michigan since I was 5 or 6 it's kinda awkward for me when I notice the diffrence between my pronounciation of words and the kids born and raised in Michigan but also really like it because it makes me unique. (damn I really got to stop rambling @-@)

Lol I guess I've beend too!XD

I've been to South Carolina before, but I don't remember much about the accents. I've heard that some people think Michigan accents are kind of weird...I found a website dedicated to the Michigan accent. XD It amused me.

Thanks I'll be sure to check it out

Well, if you're going to get hit by a car, it may as well be by an expensive one, right? ;) I hope you put a nice big dent in it, it'd serve her right. Also, it indicates that she has a certain amount of money, which she can use to compensate you for her stupid ass inconveniencing you.

On a serious note, I am SO glad that you are all right. Mom told me once I got out of school and I felt like my heart dropped into my stomach. You're the cousin I relate to the most out of the whole bunch, the world would become a far less interesting place if you weren't in it. I guess these are the things that, when they happen, make us realise how much the people we love really mean to us o_O *huge hugs*

I'm so glad you're not hurt. Nana must have been sitting on your shoulder or something, generating a force field of angelic awesomeness. Maybe that's why it didn't hurt as much as you thought it would.

So glad you're okay hun.
Love you

Thanks your the only one I can relate to too. You now getting hit by a car means that I made world twice as intresting now. Ummm I know this is sudden but can hide at your house next week Tinas coming over. David and mom hovering over me acting like I'm the bad guy and Tina biting my head off and smack talking Chris it's just emotonally draining. Plus I miss you T^T.
PS If your busy I understand I bet Chris could hide me in the shopping carts at Neimans and pull me around to avoid suspicion my extra wait wouldn't matter because hes more like a tank then a human if you catch my drift(BUILT X3)!!(lol hes my Tina repelent she does not like him XDXD)

If it's okay with your mom, then sure, mom says no problem. She's asking what day you want to come on, and if you need to be picked up or if we need to meet you halfway etc. etc. etc.

Also, did you get mom's email?

And no, next week's the first week that I won't be busy, which rocks. I hand in my final project of the year tomorrow. W00t!

Check with your mom and give us a call, preferably before 8pm, ok?

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