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I Can't Think of One
So yeah a lot of things are changing for me it just feels like a dream and it's weird. I don't thinks all going to sink in for me, at least not for a while. I got a drivers license had a kidney stone, got hit by a car,got a parking space and turned 18. Now I've started the process of weening (I hope thats the right word) myself  off my medication. Now that I'm 18 I got to talk to my doctor about it without my brother and mom knowing. So far I'm already on step two and then after tommorow I woln't have to take intuniv. After that its zoloft and then my afternoon pills and then I'm off stuff. I'm so scared about the situation because I followed your moms advice florville but I think my moms suspicious. Ever since first grade whenever I forgot to take my pills my mom threatened to kick me out the minuet I turned 18. I'm also scared about how I'll  act when I'm off the pills because I've been on them since first grade. What if I get hyper and my friends get sick of me or I have a mental breakdown. Or worse what if I become boring*x*. I'm not going to backdown I've made up my mind, this has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time now and I'm going to follow through with it.
Ps-florville I know I should have asked you this but I drew a picture of Dib from Vindication and posted it on deviantart.
PSS- I called my dad for dinner 5 times and he didn't wake up so I shouted his name and he got pissed off and called me insensitive 5 times!

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Mom says that she's going to call you tonight at 7pm, make sure you answer the phone, ok? She also says if your mother ever kicks you out, you're free to come here.

Next time just check your dad for a pulse and if he doesn't get up, oh well. Especially since if you try to wake him up by giving him a shake, he flips out. I think your dad needs his hearing checked. Also, probably not a good idea to yell, better to go over to him and keep calling him until he opens his eyes.

And WHOA girl WHOA!! One medication at a time, honey. You've been on them a lot of years, take a month to two months to wean off one, then take a month to two months to wean off the next one, spread it out or you'll regret it, trust me. OK? It'll make it a lot less noticeable, and it will also be less hard on your body and your brain. Please, please trust me on this. Make sure that your doctor is completely aware of what you are doing because he/she understands the effects and what can happen. Make sure he's managing your care.

Also, you will not become boring, that would be impossible. You are interesting because of your sense of humour and your creativity, those are things that no amount of drugs can affect, and not having drugs in your system won't change those things.

Hun, do me a favour...wait until mom and I get back from Scotland to wean off the Zoloft. You should also probably wait until you've finished the school year. It's best to wait for a time when you're as stress free as possible in order to do this. Weaning off those kinds of meds while in school or working makes things a lot more difficult. Come to our house for a week or two to detox, ok? We're leaving Wednesday for Scotland, mom's going to call you at 7pm tonight to talk to you about it. Make sure you answer, k?


PS did you put the lock on your bedroom door?

I thought that sounded off thank you for telling me I'm lucky that I only finished weaning myself off intuniv. If I started on the zoloft that would have been ugly T^T.
Don't go I neeed you otherwise I'll explode! That happens to me sometimes(jk). Have fun.
Love MEEE!
PS When I read 7 pm I thought for a seconed that this message was coming from yesterday and I got all confused lol!

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