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Chiron Beta Prime

My calzones of shame(with emphasis!),
Dragonflies of certainty,
Iron some sweet grass.

Tonight I am at the pac my own personal chiron beta prime
( It makes sense because my last name is Anderson).
The robot Santa Clause that watches us with glowing red eyes goes by the name of Eb. Today in are musical The Wiz during the Kalidah battle I knocked a girls glasses off her face. Later on the same chick accidentally backhanded me on the bridge of my nose while I was walking by. She apologized and all I could do was laugh. So I can only come to this conclusion... Acting Is Dangerous!!
PS This was from last night I just finished it though
PSS Does any one know were I can find a downloadable zip file of Kotetsuros Gerita WW2 After series volume 4! (... Not that anyone's reading this...)


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